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Get inspired. Flex your imagination. Because building a yacht should be a joy, from start to sea. We offer a wraparound service in every aspect of design and build, from conception to delivery, working with the finest people and shipyards around.

On an Elite Yacht, you will cover ground quicker, giving you more time to enjoy yourself in port or at anchor, or possibly beat that weather front you needed to get ahead of or simply to make the most of your time on board.

There are many elements that go into the design of an Elite Yacht which help with performance in all conditions:

  • Vertical Weight Distribution: Starting at the very early stages, and throughout the design of each project weight is minimized where possible, and positioned as low as possible whilst carrying as much weight as possible in the lead bulbs.
  • Hull Stiffness: It easy makes the hull very stiff, the challenge is making it light as well as stiff. X-Yachts have achieved this by using a number of tried and tested methods.
  • Reduced Drag: The more wetted surface area a yacht has the more drag there is. By reducing resistance and drag in the water we can improve the speed.
  • Mast & Rigging: Due to the stiff hull and the specification of the standing rigging it is possible to have a much higher rig tension and therefore have much greater control over the rig and sail shape.