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About Elite Yachts (USA)

A yacht is a beautiful way to expand your horizons in glorious comfort.

Our yachts are dedicated to one key principle: luxury performance. Our fleet is the floating proof.

Elite Yachts are built on a deep relation to and understanding of performance, design and the demands of the sea. Elite Yachts was built on a love for yachting and the sea. It is the world leader in aluminum constructed luxury yachts.

Only an Elite Yacht can take you to the destinations of your dreams by pushing the boundaries of quality, performance, and design and offer the high level of luxury service you are accustomed to in your daily life.

A yacht which delivers Superb Sailing Pleasure is a yacht which sails well in a variety of wind conditions and sea states, offers luxurious comfort, is safe and reliable and provides pure enjoyment when at sea. Every detail of an Elite Yachts, from the hull lines through to the world-class craftsmanship, stem from this idea.

At Elite Yachts we always strive to optimize both performance and comfort, and we believe th

Elite Yachts (USA)

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