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Medicines (Drugs)

OKAB Trading’s Medicine division represents some of the most prestigious pharmaceutical companies across the globe and is ranked among the top pharmaceutical marketing and distribution companies in the UAE. This division distributes a wide range of drugs from leading Pharmaceutical manufacturers. The division serves hospitals, pharmacies, health centers, and private clinics in the country through an effective distribution network that ensures on-time product deliveries.

We provide a total solution to our pharmaceutical principals from order and stock management to product registration and pricing, to tendering quotations, to medical representative support services, and customer relations.

Our team has well-trained sales representatives with complete knowledge of the product lines they handle so as to carry out effective in-market sales activities.

We are committed to upholding our reputation for excellence in the supply of pharmaceuticals. Our focus is on developing more business relations with overseas manufacturers and suppliers to ensure innovative, safe, reliable and high-quality products to benefit people around the world with a firm commitment to continuous improvement, to compliance with regulatory standards, and to service excellence.